UX / Design

Wonderment Design is made up of innovative and exciting designers and front-end engineers that are based in the United States. Our digital design process was developed from a passion for great User Interfaces (UI) that help drive a powerful User Experience (UX). Our process starts with intelligent, design-thinking concepts, then carries through to a detailed wire-framing process, and ultimately results in development-ready mock ups & HTML prototypes that will bring your vision to life. Whether you were looking to generate powerful marketing pages, conceptualize the look and feel of a product, strengthen your next presentation, or mock up a full web / mobile experience, our team has years of experience in creating engaging graphics and layouts.

Skill Set

  • User Interface Design & Implementation
  • Iconography Conceptualization
  • Style Guide Development & Management
  • Infographic Creation and Distribution
  • Presentation Design and Development


  • Design Thinking Process
  • Iterative Wireframe Development
  • Robust Client Feedback Loops
  • Web and Mobile App Prototypes
  • Custom Graphic Design Assets
  • Mobile Responsive Design Methodology
  • Best Practices Across Smartphones and Tablets

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