About Us


Learn From Data

We know that the best way to accomplish our work is by studying design patterns, online engagement behaviors, and the most effective well-designed systems and tools. What we learn from these avenues inspires us to find the most competent and compelling approach.

Platform Agnostic

We use the right tools for the job. Whether it’s popular dev languages like .NET, PHP, JSP, or Python, or any of the top graphic design technologies, we pull teams together that bring the project to life in a timely manner.

Collaboration is King

No one creates great technology projects in a vacuum. Having a great communication system – especially when working with outsourced teams – is vital. Putting this at the top of our priority list is how we’re able to bring together the best teams for our clients.

Make People Smile

It’s important to create a sense of Wonderment in every product and feature we create. Whether this is a technical piece with little front end, or a beautifully-designed consumer app, we strive to make the experience engaging for everyone and worthy of sharing.


Iteration is Our Friend

No one gets it right the first time, and that’s why the web is amazing. We use iteration, testing, and re-implementation to discover the most dynamic and proficient ideas to constantly improve your project.

Team Philosophy

We believe in always staffing a great on-shore management resource that is connected to the product and business teams and closely aligned with the goals of the project at a company level.
We work with talented developers, designers, copy editors, and marketers from around the world. The front end of an app, website, or technology is about communicating effectively with audiences – and this is what our entire team strives to do.
We are a boutique Southern California firm that can run scalable teams. The connection to our customers and the products we are working on always comes first.

Meet the Partners

We listen, we advise, we design and develop. We love to learn and use the latest technologies.

Ryan Williams


Originally hailing from Sacramento, Ryan fostered a love for writing, photography and adventure from an early age. And with Wonderment he is joyfully able to bring this creative spirit to life each day – from design, to marketing, to facilitating beautiful and innovative ideas for each client. However, in an alternate universe, he often imagines himself as an intergalactic traveler blasting electronic grooves and challenging any other aliens he comes across to epic space dance offs.

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Faraz Tabibian


Faraz has been working in website development for more than 15 years and boasts an extensive resume that includes high-powered clients such as The New York Times, Stamps.com, and WME/IMG. As the technical leader of Wonderment, Faraz brings a passion for making engaging and high-performing websites that help companies of all sizes reach their online goals. Using a meticulous approach and a passion for engaging interfaces, he works hard every day to bring each client’s digital vision to life.

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