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Web Development

Wonderment works across a variety of web technology platforms and languages. Our team handles custom solutions of all size – from large-scale technology projects to simple website design projects.  Most importantly, we bring a product-first mentality that allows us to effectively harness both the front-end and back-end project strategies to create a thoughtful development process that limits mistakes and refactoring. Additionally, we engage in the most current best practices, libraries, and architectural approaches to build scalable applications that can be used in all browser environments.

Mobile App Development

We know that building successful web mobile applications can be a daunting experience. Our mobile team keeps up with the most up-to-date developments on iOS and Android. We help you access all aspects of the mobile libraries to help bring your mobile vision to life… no matter the screen size. Starting with a thoughtful product-first mentality, we examine the goals of your app and then help break down the steps necessary to build it. From prototyping to development to QA testing, our team constructs robust mobile applications that can be successfully used by scalable audiences.

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UX / Design

Wonderment Design is made up of innovative and exciting designers and front-end engineers that are based in the United States. Our digital design process was developed from a passion for great User Interfaces (UI) that help drive a powerful User Experience (UX). Our process starts with intelligent, design-thinking concepts, then carries through to a detailed wire-framing process, and ultimately results in development-ready mock ups & HTML prototypes that will bring your vision to life. Whether you were looking to generate powerful marketing pages, conceptualize the look and feel of a product, strengthen your next presentation, or mock up a full web / mobile experience, our team has years of experience in creating engaging graphics and layouts.

Product Management

Unlike many other app development shops, Wonderment offers a full-service digital marketing and strategy team. We can help you with a wide variety of needs including user acquisition, e-Commerce CPA optimization, audience amplification, and strategic marketplace planning for your web or mobile application. Additionally marketing mentality is embedded into every website and mobile app we construct. Not only does it help clearly defined the best user experience, but it helps insure we avoid problems early in the process that might limit user adoption. Our team can work with you and either an informal process or a formal strategic approach it will help you in your product development.

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Project Management

Digital projects can be sizable and overwhelming. Our team has extensive experience working with enterprise customers, start-ups, and everything in between. While we primarily implement agile methodologies for ongoing development projects, we also regularly implement Kanban and custom project management styles to get any size of job over the finish line. Additionally, we regularly help projects that have veered off course find their way again by bringing our proven approach into a variety of projects. We strongly believe that great communication amongst is the foundation of delivering quality projects on time, and build off of this to empower everything we create.

Data Services

We offer a wide variety of data management services to help you aggregate, store, and effectively report against a variety of performance metrics. Our team has a history of working with a variety of big data challenges across Ad Tech, eCommerce, Marketing, and more. Whether you are looking to simply streamline your marketing channels or synthesize massive sets of reporting, our team can help you construct an environment that will accomplish your goals. We take a look at the needs and limitations of each unique project and help outline a path using third party tools or constructing custom solutions. In all cases, the goal is always the same – speed, reliability, and the ability to make big data understandable.

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