Data Services

We offer a wide variety of data management services to help you aggregate, store, and effectively report against a variety of performance metrics. Our team has a history of working with a variety of big data challenges across Ad Tech, eCommerce, Marketing, and more. Whether you are looking to simply streamline your marketing channels or synthesize massive sets of reporting, our team can help you construct an environment that will accomplish your goals. We take a look at the needs and limitations of each unique project and help outline a path using third party tools or constructing custom solutions. In all cases, the goal is always the same – speed, reliability, and the ability to make big data understandable.

Skill Set

  • Data & Information Architecture at Scale
  • Data Aggregation & ETL Processes
  • Big Data: MongoDB, Hadoop, Kafka, Flume, Amazon Redshift
  • Data Processing / Visualization: ElasticSearch, Spark, Hive, Tableau, NoSQL
  • Reporting Tools: RJ Metrics, Mixpanel, Google Suite
  • Data Science & Algorithm Development
  • Ad Tech & Marketing Solutions


  • Scalable Data Pipelines
  • Business Intelligence Dashboards & Data Visualization
  • Streamlining Marketing Channel Conversion Data
  • Big Data Ingestion Systems, Data Lake, Data Warehousing, Data Processing, Data Analytics and Visualization

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