Globally, IT companies must adapt to constant innovations in the Tech industry. In order to execute long-term strategies, save costs and automate processes, businesses are shifting to offshore software development. The outsourcing model is a flexible and attractive solution when seeking global top-notch experts at competitive prices, who can accelerate product time-to-market. 

Searching For Reliable Offshore Software Development Companies

When searching for a reliable offshore software development company, it is essential you consider both the benefits and drawbacks to make the correct match. Wonderment Apps knows these risks, therefore, Wonderment Apps positions itself as a consultative partner rather than a distant supplier. 

Key Advantages of Offshore Software Development Companies

  • Access to rare tech expertise: Wonderment Apps only hires talented engineers that pass our scrupulous live testing. The only talent with strong educational backgrounds, specialized skill sets, and demanding experience make the grade. This allows us to execute highly specialized tasks at a fast pace. Collaboration with an offshore vendor enables clients to support their team’s efforts according to their project needs and requirements.
  • Focus on core business activities: Software development services providers take a weight off your shoulders by managing complex and costly recruitment and onboarding processes. 
  • Faster time-to-market: When the right match is made between talent and product you will be able to:
  • Boost your development
  • Reach established milestones and meet deadlines 
  • Streamline best practices
  • Increase the flexibility of tasks assignments
  • Leverage innovative efficiencies brought by outside developers
  • Cost-efficiency: Through offshore outsourcing, companies save money on recruitment, administration, IT infrastructure, extra services, and more.

Despite all the benefits that make offshore software development so attractive, there are still variables to be taken into consideration.

Key Disadvantages Offshore Software Development Companies

  • Cultural gaps: Before choosing a provider, you should consider work ethics, cultural traits and background. This ensures your partner shares the same vision and values to collaborate and avoid possible misunderstandings. 
  • Time zones: Depending on the distance and time zone, it could be challenging for developers to adjust their work schedules and find suitable time slots for sync-ups and communication with in-house teams and clients. Therefore, time zone specifications might interrupt the development process. 
  • Communication: To stay on the same page, offshore software development needs constant communication using special channels to:
  • Coordinate teams and collaborations
  • Settle all misconnects 
  • Monitor tasks fulfillment and progress
  • Resolve critical issues
  • Provide regular updates
  • Security: When considering outsourcing, clients look at the country’s safety record—its economy, political situation, business climate, and data security—to better realize the environment a team is immersed in. Nowadays, it is critical to protect sensitive data, especially when delegating it to outside developers.

Searching For a Reliable Offshore Services Provider: Pros and Cons

Finding a Perfect Offshore Development Team: Recommendations

Since there are numerous offshore vendors to choose from, finding a reliable one can seem daunting. We’ve prepared a list of the best practices that will effectively guide you when qualifying an offshore software development partner. 

Understand Your Goals

Wonderment Apps is known as a “boutique experience” this means we personally dig into our partners’ goals. It’s imperative we define project goals and needs with you before starting a collaboration and delegating work. If you don’t start with the big picture you run the risk of spending extra money on the end product. Things to cover when setting out the agreement:

  • The project goal, type, and strategy
  • Technologies to be used and KPIs to be monitored
  • Expected results, milestones, and deadlines to be reached
  • Overall investment and revenue from an end product
  • Benefits for your own business

Study the Marketplace

Explore available experienced offshore IT services providers all over the world, especially in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America—these destinations are prominent locations and good value-for-money. Opting for the most suitable contractor, consider:

  • Cultural compatibility & time zone difference
  • Work ethic & language specifics
  • Technological niche & expertise
  • Rates & salaries

Check Out References

Before making up your mind, conduct thorough research on pre-approved offshore companies:

  • Check out organizations on ranking websites such as Clutch.co 
  • Analyze the company’s website and LinkedIn profile
  • Contact former clients to serve as references
  • Surf the review websites to read independent feedback
  • Take a look at the company’s portfolio keeping in mind: Demonstrable experience, successful stories, detailed case studies

Select a Cooperation Model 

With a distinct project outcome goal you can clearly define priorities and select an offshore development model that fulfills the following standards:

  • Project-based
  • Dedicated development team
  • Development center

Protect Your Data 

Data protection is always a key point of discussion. To prevent uncontrolled data leakage:

  • Sign a non-disclosure agreement
  • Ensure the company is fluent in information security and compliance with law legislation and international regulations
  • Create private storage or repository to store the code and related documentation in order to avoid losing it in the future 

Stay Connected

Communication is a vital component for success. To stay fine-tuned with your teams, practice the following:

  • Share all business and strategic plans on any activity
  • Keep in touch with the services provider 24/7
  • Provide regular guidance and feedback
  • Track current development progress and arising issues
  • Engage in daily/weekly meetings to share input

Keep in mind—a reliable services provider must analyze requirements first without offering ready-made solutions at inception. Explain specifications, discuss expectations, set limitations, and only then follow up IT experts’ suggestions. Notice the need for a personalized experience? This is Wonderment Apps niche in the market, hands-on, goal-oriented, close consultation. 

Offshore software development is beneficial but not without its challenges. There is always a need to overview project requirements and potential risks before opting for this solution. All in all, offshore outsourcing provides an efficient way to benefit from top engineering experts worldwide. 

If you are looking for the boutique experience and trying to avoid a hands-off staffing company, reach out to us at Wonderment Apps. We are ready to solve your business challenges, provide a team of tech experts and fill in your talent gaps. Contact us and get expert consultation instantly.