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CJ E&M (KCON.TV) is Asia’s #1 content creation and marketing company. With the goal of spreading Asian pop culture throughout the world, CJ E&M (KCON.TV) strives to reach viewers on a global level by catering to a diverse fan base across entertainment, music, film, lifestyle, and cartoon platforms.

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CJ E&M (KCON.TV) approached us about renovating their existing video website in partnership with Iteration Group. Iteration Group did all the design, UX and front end product work. After completion, Iteration Group brought us those pieces, and we constructed a new CMS for their site, KConTV.com. While the site was formerly built on a 3rd party CMS, the new system we created would allow them to upload videos and create a more dynamic social networking functionality that sits on top.

This blend of content sharing, content combining, and content distribution was really effective in reaching targeted communities. The ultimate goal that we were able to deliver was fulfilling CJ E&M (KCON.TV)’s desire to link their really rabid KPop and KDrama fan base with the ability to search through their clips and have a voice in describing how they felt about the content they are such big fans of.

We strive to create scalable media platforms that will make viewing a pleasure across all device types.


Wonderment participated solely as a development team on this project. We worked very closely with Iteration Group, a front end design and UX firm, who set to work structuring the architecture for the project while the front end was being designed and laid out. Once both the architecture and the design were finished, we built all of the front end elements as well as the admin CMS, binding everything together. This process created a site that allows really good content to show as well as the ability for users to be able to really interact with the content.


We launched the site under a very tight deadline in time for the big LA KCon event which has tens of thousands of people in attendance and a major viewing audience across the world. The site was not only ready, but held up to some of the challenging influx of viewers that came onto it during that period. Since then, we have been registering significant numbers of viewers across the site while engagement continues to grow every day.

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