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Engine Room is a unique agency whose core values and service offerings are centered on a scientific and research-oriented approach to increasing their client’s organizational effectiveness. Engine Room prides itself on understanding the need for a strong leadership team that is based on accountability, the effectiveness of well-planned strategy and process, and their ability to delve deeply into the root goals of each client and understand what drives their business from the ground up. View Client Site

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Engine Room was a ground up redesign of their existing website. They wanted to create a modern, responsive design where people could access a large amount of info about what the agency does on both desktop and mobile devices. We went in and layered a custom design on top of an existing WordPress template. We created an easily editable CMS while generating a very modern and stylized look for the company on top of it. Engine Room wanted their look to be relatable to major corporations who make up a large part of their clientele.

Customer engagement happens with thoughtful and inspired web design.


We began this project with a research phase in which we explored competitors and developed a creative brief based on client and business goals, and the desire for a professional and polished representation of the company. After we had settled on the best aesthetic for Engine Room, we created wireframes for what the layouts and content would look like. When the wireframes were done, we blended those concepts with the structural backend of the site to create a user friendly experience.



Engine Room had a huge facelift for the company that presented a much more contemporary feeling look


The redesign attracted a quantifiable increase in new clients


Big engagement on a lot of the content pieces that they put out in relationship to the new designs we did

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