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Cast It is the leading provider of online casting services to the Studios, Independent Production Companies, and Casting Directors. The Cast It community of Casting Directors and Production Executives shares auditions and decisions in near real-time, from all over the world on a secure, access-controlled site. Casting Directors use the workflow features of Cast It to manage every aspect of their operation — from creating lists to scheduling sessions.

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When Wonderment took over maintenance we were given full responsibility for production support, feature development, dev ops, and production operations. Our first goal was stability and scaling improvements, as well as securing an original video encoding pipeline outside of legacy code base. After implementing modern systems into the legacy product, including Git, Continuous Integration, QA Processes, and alert tracking, we then created a Quality Switcher for Video Playback, which allows select customers to view original quality uploaded content.

Visualization gives you answers to questions you didn’t know you had.


We took an incremental approach to onboard our development and management teams into the project. Beginning with a two month Knowledge Transfer process, we worked alongside the legacy development team to gain the skills necessary to support the product. During this phase we documented and mapped-out how the existing code bases and systems worked, developed staging systems, and began to plan out how we would tackle necessary architectural improvements.

After this phase was completed, we took all development in-house, and introduced our own project management teams, allowing our development teams to work side by side with co-workers they have worked with on many other projects. We suggested that the Client designate a stakeholder who was responsible for product planning decisions, and we worked with that stakeholder to decide priorities and build a roadmap for execution.



Implementation of a new scalable, secure video encoding pipeline outside of legacy code base.


Implementation of staging environment which can be used to accurately test changes before they’re deployed to production.


Quality Switcher for Video Playback, allowing select customers to view original quality uploaded content.

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