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Wonderment Apps is a premier Los Angeles Web Development company.The Wonderment Web Development Team offers full-service technical coding and product development solutions to help make any digital project come to life, no matter the size or the scale.

Wonderment Web Development Projects

If you’re looking for help building a new website or web application from the ground up, or you need to update or optimize your existing product – our innovative Product Managers and UI/UX Designers can help you craft powerful user experiences that start with intelligent design-thinking concepts. Then working with a carefully curated team of Web Developers, Project Managers and Quality Assurance engineers to construct technology that is reliable and engaging.

Product & Design Services

Product & Design Services       

  • PRDs / Business Requirements
  • User Flows and Test Cases
  • Fully Annotated Wireframes
  • KPI and Algorithm Definitions
  • Conceptual and Production Design

Technology Services

Technology Services      

  • Backend Architecure
  • API & Database Development
  • Frontend Interface Development
  • Server Side Development
  • Manual + Automated Quality Assurance
  • Tech Consulting and Staffing Services

Web Development

Wonderment works across a variety of web technology platforms and languages. Our team handles custom solutions of all size – from large-scale technology projects to simple website design projects.

Mobile App Development

We know that building successful mobile applications can be a daunting experience. Our mobile team keeps up with the most up-to-date developments on iOS, Android, and React.

UX/UI Design

Wonderment Design is made of innovative and exciting designers that are based in the United States. Our process was developed from a passion for great User Interfaces (UI) that help drive a powerful User Experience (UX).

Product Management

We offer a full-service digital marketing and strategy team. We can help you with a variety of needs including user acquisition, e-Commerce CPA optimization, audience amplification, and strategic marketplace planning for your product.

Project Management

Digital projects can be sizable and overwhelming. Our team has extensive experience working with enterprise customers, start-ups, and everything in between.

Data Services

We offer a wide variety of data management services to help you aggregate, store, and effectively report against a variety of performance metrics.

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