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EXT JS / Sencha Development

Affordable. Effective. Performant.

We offer a wide variety of Sencha / EXTJ S development services to help you create responsive front-end environments using the Sencha toolset. Our team has a history of working with a Sencha products and creating exciting EXT JS applications.


  • Creation of New Web Applications in EXT JS
  • Upgrading Existing Instances of EXT JS
  • Embedding simple ExtJS widgets
  • Development of Robust and Complex ExtJS plugins
  • Detailed Agile Project Management
  • Full Web Design Based in the EXT JS Framework
  • Complete Quality Assurance (QA) Services


  • Developing Complex EXT JS Modules
  • Design Thinking In The Sencha Framework
  • Streamlining Development for EXT JS
  • Creating Engaging Reporting Tools
  • Fully Responsive Web Layouts
  • Data Grid and Drill-down Functionalities
  • Performanct Website Load Times
  • Analytics

Full Service Digital Development

Our Sencha / EXT JS experts ensure the best solutions are in place to help you achieve the most performant results.

Wonderment assesses the needs and limitations of each unique project. From there, we outline the best path – whether implementing third party tools or constructing custom solutions. In all cases, the goal is always the same – speed, reliability, and the ability to make big data understandable.



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