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mySQL Development Firm

Performance. Integrity. Integrations

Our database team has the experience and knowledge to create and manage LAMP stack application from enterprise to startup.  Whether you are looking to customize a commonly used CMS like WordPress or Drupal or you are developing PHP modules, we can structure a solid and performant web environment.


  • Complete LAMP (Linux) stack development (MySQL, Apache, PHP)
  • Data Architecture setup and management
  • Integration into an existing data pipeline
  • WordPress, Drupal and other CMS customizations
  • Database management and ongoing maintenance
  • Custom database creation
  • Complete Quality Assurance (QA) Services


  • Creating a robust Linux environment
  • Integrations with popular MySQL CMS tools
  • Customizing for eCommerce (Magento)
  • Engaging Reporting Tools
  • Network Operations Management
  • Optimizations to MySQL Databases
  • Performant Website Load Times
  • Analytics

mySQL Development Firm

Our LAMP & MySQL experts ensure the best solutions are in place to help you achieve the most performant results.

When assessing MySQL Development Companies, consider that Wonderment assesses the needs and limitations of each unique project. From there, we outline the best path – whether implementing third party tools or constructing custom solutions. In all cases, the goal is always the same – speed, reliability, and the ability to make big data understandable.

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