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ElasticSearch Development Company

Affordable. Effective. Performant.

Wonderment Apps is experienced in building large, scalable ElasticSearch environments that make immense data querying faster, more filterable, and highly searchable.  Our back-end development team has worked with a wide variety of big data products and knows how to create custom ElasticSearch instances that make sites highly performant.


  • Setup for Highly scalable ElasticSearch instances
  • Search and query tuning on existing instances
  • Creation of Big Data pipeline environments
  • Traditional Search integration with ElasticSearch
  • Integration with other data pipeline toolsets
  • Full Web Design that uses an ElasticSearch backbone
  • Complete Quality Assurance (QA) Services


  • Creating Scalable Search Methodolgies
  • Extending Search Capabilities via APIs & Query DSLs
  • Integration with Common Programming Languages
  • Fast and Performant Data Pipeline Structures
  • Amazon AWS, Google, and other Cloud Setups
  • Front End Design and Implementation of Data
  • Performanct Website Load Times
  • Analytics

ElasticSearch Development Firm

We have effectively-priced, top quality data engineers to help you setup and optimize your ElasticSearch instance.

Wonderment assesses the needs and limitations of each unique project. From there, we outline the best path – whether implementing third party tools or constructing custom solutions. In all cases, the goal is always the same – speed, reliability, and the ability to make big data understandable.



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